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What is, the Marcus UNLIMITED STudent ARtist PROgram?

Posted in Blogging by marcusunlimited on August 21, 2009


I have been asked a few times “So Marcus, just what is the Marcus UNLIMITED STudents ARtist PROgram?” (The capitalization of STAR PRO is intentional, thank you.)

Thus in response to these questions, here is the official announcement that gets handed out to students and student parents along with the special, non-exclusive agreement/contract:


The Marcus Unlimited Student Artist Program

This is the official announcement for the launch of the Marcus Unlimited Student Artist Program. Open to all ages, and all students from all locations that Marcus Unlimited offers voice and music instruction. Participation is highly recommended yet not required. In order to participate you will need to read, understand and sign the attached “Collaboration Agreement.”
Here are a few of the many reasons why you should consider participating in the program:

1. All works involved in the program will be all ages, family friendly material.

2. Free studio time provided by Marcus Unlimited.

3. Excellent experience,educational and resume benefits relative to singing, acting, and voice over work.

4. Complimentary sheet music.

5. Solo albums will be granted to those who attain “soloist” skill levels. (To be determined by Marcus.)

6. Ensemble (non-soloist) students, will have the chance to work their way up to the level of soloists.

7. Supplemental income to be paid to soloists on projects deemed financially successful.

8. No cost to actively enrolled Marcus Unlimited students. (Excluding of course self managed expenses such as transportation to and from recording studio sessions, etc.)

9. Worldwide exposure and sales potential.

10. A variety of bonus rewards including but not limited to extra instructional time at no additional cost to you, and perhaps much, much more!

Sign-up today!


If you have any additional questions about this program don’t hesitate to ask. PS, we are looking for private or corporate co-sponsors who will be well placed in family friendly advertising to our quite large and growing local and worldwide audience.

Not only will this be a great benefit to us, and a major educational boost to young participants and spectators, just think about the image boost this will be for your organization!

Thank you, ~Marcus:)

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