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“…and they all lived happily ever a…

Posted in Stories by marcusunlimited on June 19, 2009

“…and they all lived happily ever after, the end!”
    “Well what do you think Chris?” said Jamie.
    “Jamie, its nice, but why are all of your stories so ultra positive? I mean isn’t there some rule that all stories must have conflict, pain, and suffering?” asked Chris.
    “You see Chris many years ago I realized something. For years I had this set of books and graphic novels I kept around the house. You may remember them. There were called “The Adventures of the Wolff! With two ff’s?”
    “Oh yeah, who could forget Wolff. Didn’t that eventually become a tv series, a line of toys, a comic book and all that? Why in fact I remember hearing it had been turned into an Opera or musical or something like that, didn’t it?”
    “Chris, you’re right. They went wild getting ‘Wolff’ out there and into everybody’s mind. That is why I had to stop writing the Wolff series.”
    “What?” said Chris as his eyes bulged in surprise. “You’re joking right Jamie? No way, did you really write the Adventures of the Wolff, with two freakin’ f’s?”
    “Yes Chris, I hate to admit but it was I.”
    “But Jamie, why would you have regrets about that. That whole thing was huge? I remember some of the stories and the pictures you drew for it. Man some of those violent scenes were gruesome, and man, Wolff had some serious relationship problems. My favorite part was when he blew up that entire city and lost all his money because the bank he kept it in was in that same city he nuked! Boom! Aw, naw, my money! Ah-ha-ha, I’m remember all of that, man that was the stuff. Why in the world would you have quit writing the Wolff series? Wasn’t the money pretty sweet? And hey, I just heard they are making a movie of it. God, can you imagine all the nasty, horrific mess of Wolff’s life up on the big screen? I can’t wait to see that one!”
    “Yes Chris, I just sold the movie rights and have washed my hands of the ‘Wolff’ situation. I’m not sure I want to tell you why just yet though, you might not understand. I wouldn’t want to scare you.”
    “Yeah right, scare me? How?”
    Jamie paused for a moment and then replied; “Well you see I… nah, never mind.”
    “Come on, now you’ve got to let me in on this.” Chris demanded.
    “Well Chris, my own life at that time was not going all that well even with all the money I had back then. You see I had this kind of epiphany one day while writing what would become the last installment of the Wolff series.
    I was typing away that night on my laptop but had to stop for breaks much more often than usual. My right hand had been severely injured in a freak accident. As I was staring at the huge, will never go away, new scar on my hand, I suddenly remembered that… well… I…”
    “Yeah, get to it, you what?”
    “Well Chris, I had given Wolff a severe injury to his right hand in a freak accident just a couple weeks before what happened to my hand.”
    “Pfft, come on. Tell me you didn’t give up all that money because of some freak coincidence like that?” Chris responded with smurk.
    “Chris, you’re right I didn’t. It was only when I sat back and started thinking about a whole chain of freak coincidences. Where the horrors in the quote un-quote imaginary world of the Wolff (with two ff’s) seemed to have been crossing over into my own life with freakish consistency…”


Best read while listening to Binaricus-Brainlinkicus from CHROMATICUS Album One


Short Story: “It Began With A Blast”

Posted in Stories by marcusunlimited on June 19, 2009

It Began with a Blast!

A Micromusic Story by Marcus Unlimited
The musician arrived to the castle just in time. The King looked a bit unhappy as he didn’t like it when people arrived right on time. He liked to see them get there ridiculously early and just stand around for hours until he clapped his hands together and summoned them to their task right away. However, the musician did arrive exactly three seconds early which by law was enough to earn him his promised pay.
The musician quickly found the players podium and shined up his brand new horn. He had just acquired the odd looking horn by way of a trade with a strange traveler. Normally the musician would never have made such a transaction with a stranger but there was something about this one that he knew was right and so he did trade his finest hat with the traveler. The traveler had been afraid to journey through the sun soaked hills without a new hat. That is how the musician was able to acquire the horn.
The musician took in a deep breath and sounded the new horn. The sound that came forth from it was beyond anything, anyone had ever heard before. It made much more than one single tone all at once and literally shook the castle walls. This caused the King to jump to his feet straight into a standing ovation followed immediately by all of those in attendance.
The King clapped his hands and ordered a variety of actions from various members of his court. Meanwhile the musician looked up the other end of the horn trying to figure out how he or the horn itself made such an incredible wall of sound.
However his reflective thoughts were pleasantly disturbed by the sound of huge and heavy bags of gold and the kingdoms currency being places at his feet. He certainly lived happily ever after and so can you!

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