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The Time Machine UNLIMITED:”What Uncle Herbert Thought was Time was Actually…

Posted in 1 by marcusunlimited on August 29, 2009

The Time Machine UNLIMITED: “What Uncle Herbert Thought Was Time Was Actually…”
by Marcus J. C. UNLIMITED

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By now you probably have guessed that when I say Uncle Herbert I really mean my late, great, great, great Uncle Herbert. I figure there is little need to keep reminding you of his chronological place in our families history.
With that said, lets move on.
It had been a while since I had brought home the treasure chest from Uncle Herbert’s Estate Allotment. Everyone was easy to let me have it since it was filled with writings and musical notations and as a vocalist, teacher of voice and composer of works for the human voice, those were also the things I did.
By this time I had of course determined that Uncle Herbert had been in the process of losing his mind, or really had discovered some sort of exponential method of travel. Uncle Herbert was famous for his book on Time Travel that was largely thought to be fiction in those days and today. However after he had penned the famous story, the creative ideas he had first put together to sound feasible in the world of fiction, began to stand up stronger and stronger to various concepts on the possibility of exponential travel.
When I first read his composition books entitled “travels” I thought they were some form of unreleased fiction. The more I read and studied of his “travel’s” the more I began to realize that he really had thought he had been to these places. In fact he had made several written references to himself regarding, “…the importance of not letting anyone know that he has been making these travels.”
This meant that I was reading the ramblings of a mad man or, I had stumbled across one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind, or perhaps a bit of both. One things for sure, the documentation of his “travels” were thoroughly engaging and whether fact or fiction, well worth the read.
After wading through a series of scriblles and shorthand I finally deciphered some text that was found under the heading of “‘Tis not time I have travelled through but space?” Under which Uncle Herbert had in his own words explained that the travels he thought he had been taking towards the future, were actually travels across great, unfathomable distances of space.
This page was a mix of thoughts and scratchings that any onlooker passing by would have considered insanity. However, when combined with even a small amount of everything else that was popping up out of the treasure chest, they seemed like concepts of genius. Here is a sampling of some of the statements Uncle Herbert had scattered across that page:

Feelings are the fuel!
I went not into the future, but into another galaxy!
An image ignites your memories, a song reminds you of a moment from long ago.
How strong must the feelings be? It must be as those moments when music is so beautiful that it causes one to tear up.
There are three components to the fuel of exponential travel: Illustration, Storytelling and Music.


When I saw the word storytelling I was taken aback for a moment. ‘What does he mean?’ I thought. Was he saying there is no real travel, just what you make up in a story? What thrill is there in that. Through these weekend discoveries know that while I dig through the treasure chest, I am holding and half reading his writings. One discovery of text is quickly supported or estranged by a finding of an odd illustration or musical notation.



Marcus UNLIMITED Sunday Report 10/23/2009…

Posted in Blogging by marcusunlimited on August 23, 2009

The right now of things…

1. DECAF: I feel like I need a coffee break, but income has been so tight trying to cover the loan I used to get into my new building. Ugh!

2.SHOP MU:  I had a late night, morning idea for a MU Store at the main web site page.  I would make a small video previewing all the material on the album, then a PayPal buy now button.

3. Etsy: I just launched our Etsy shop and I started with the simplest smallest items I could possibly find. Two ACEO cards from a while back. Our Etsy shop:

4. AIWU: Want to work on the AIWU (aka: Alice in Wonderland UNLIMITED) more, however, money matters are effecting everything right now.

5. STUDENTS: Launched the Student Artist Program, I believe it will be awesome for everyone if I can stay alive financially.

6. A RICH AND FAMOUS MUSIC PRODUCER’S DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR: Listened to an interview with a rich and “famous” music producer the other day. I found it to be shocking how good he thought he was as a musician. Maybe he has some skill that he keeps hidden? He seemed to act as if he was where he is at success wise, because of his superiority as a musician? Wow? However, when I compare his skills to almost anyone with any level of education and or experience as a composer or producer (numbering in the thousands!) I not only find him “below” the common line of great skill, but I also would say that he needs to be re-educated especially in regards to how to write for human voices.

I disliked him so much after hearing his delusional ego in the interview I wanted to tear the front page off of the magazine because I couldn’t stand to look at his cheeziness (sp?) which oozed through into his picture.

Folks, whenever you hear anyone, ANYONE, talk or act as if they are the “Chosen One” (ala Anakin Skywalker) you can pretty much resolve to the idea that they are extremely delusional and lost somewhere high upon their own imaginary mountain in foo-foo land.  I can tell you that most, most, most well educated and experienced singers, composers, producers etc., are all quite good if not great and their financial success has alot more to due with many other factors one of which must also be a bit of the reality that anything, anything having to due with numbers always has a touch of randomness to it. (sorry I repeat words when angry, angry, ANGRY!)

To know and to say you have skills = cool! To think, and to say that you are the chosen one who walks upon the waters of omnipotence=LAME!  Think about it, is that giant, billion dollar fast food place the creator of the “better” food? Or is the local ma and pa handmade Italian place that hand makes its pizza from scratch with fresh vegetables and barely makes $25,000 a year the better place? Come on, you know that better, or greater in skill often means the ones who make the lesser amounts of money. I’m okay with the truth even if its not my favorite truth but I don’t like kids being lied to and told that the reason D… never mind, “some famous composer/producer” makes the money he makes is because he is head and shoulders above so many other musicians. No way! This world is full of thousands and thousands of very, very talented people from every where on earth. If any of my students are reading this, remember no matter how good you get, always know there are many, many others who deserve to have their great talents respected as well. I don’t mean one or two others, I mean thousands. And that goes for you too!

7. HEALTH:I’m not sure what type of exercising to attend to today. If the weather is anything like it was yesterday here a walk isn’t sounding to pleasant I don’t think.

8. MONEY 1: I’ve had an idea to request corporate sponsorship from Zappo’s for our Alice in Wonderland. I’m not sure how, and I’m not sure on what level, but it is an idea.

9. MONEY 2: I guess in Summer here alot more money is spent on food because one doesn’t want to fire up the stove, the rice cooker, or even the microwave for more than 5 minutes because it will raise the temp of the whole dwelling.

10. IF YOU EVER CALL ME: Please be sure you leave your return phone number very clearly. I’ve had some folks call recently and they said everything but their phone number?


What is, the Marcus UNLIMITED STudent ARtist PROgram?

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I have been asked a few times “So Marcus, just what is the Marcus UNLIMITED STudents ARtist PROgram?” (The capitalization of STAR PRO is intentional, thank you.)

Thus in response to these questions, here is the official announcement that gets handed out to students and student parents along with the special, non-exclusive agreement/contract:


The Marcus Unlimited Student Artist Program

This is the official announcement for the launch of the Marcus Unlimited Student Artist Program. Open to all ages, and all students from all locations that Marcus Unlimited offers voice and music instruction. Participation is highly recommended yet not required. In order to participate you will need to read, understand and sign the attached “Collaboration Agreement.”
Here are a few of the many reasons why you should consider participating in the program:

1. All works involved in the program will be all ages, family friendly material.

2. Free studio time provided by Marcus Unlimited.

3. Excellent experience,educational and resume benefits relative to singing, acting, and voice over work.

4. Complimentary sheet music.

5. Solo albums will be granted to those who attain “soloist” skill levels. (To be determined by Marcus.)

6. Ensemble (non-soloist) students, will have the chance to work their way up to the level of soloists.

7. Supplemental income to be paid to soloists on projects deemed financially successful.

8. No cost to actively enrolled Marcus Unlimited students. (Excluding of course self managed expenses such as transportation to and from recording studio sessions, etc.)

9. Worldwide exposure and sales potential.

10. A variety of bonus rewards including but not limited to extra instructional time at no additional cost to you, and perhaps much, much more!

Sign-up today!


If you have any additional questions about this program don’t hesitate to ask. PS, we are looking for private or corporate co-sponsors who will be well placed in family friendly advertising to our quite large and growing local and worldwide audience.

Not only will this be a great benefit to us, and a major educational boost to young participants and spectators, just think about the image boost this will be for your organization!

Thank you, ~Marcus:)

Alice in Wonderland UNLIMITED “Alice Was Beginning…” song

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Alice in Wonderland UNLIMITED "Alice Was Beginning…" song

Originally uploaded by marcus_utilis_amicus

A scene near the beginning of a work in progress. We have no idea how far this project will go. It could just end up an excerpt of music based on certain texts from the National Council of Teachers of English required college reading list, or maybe it will grow.

One things for sure as I explore this idea, Lewis Carroll is more amazing than you would ever guess.

Funny how an Oxford Math teacher ends up writing the quintessential, female heroine childrens’ book of all time?

In the meantime here is our current discography:

All the best, may your life be a wonderful Wonderland UNLIMITED!!!


SONG COMPOSITION: Bed In Summer Collaboration Marcus Unlimited w/R L Stevenson Lyrics

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SONG: Bed In Summer Collaboration Marcus Unlimited w/R L Stevenson Lyrics

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An art song I created based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Bed In Summer” from the Children’s Garden of Verses.

(Which was recently performed (as a debut solo) with excellence by our young voice student S.S. at the Summer Recital!