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Thursday Night, September 3rd, 2009…

Posted in Blogging by marcusunlimited on September 4, 2009

1. Dealt with a bunch of banking matters today.  I’ll admit it, I am a bit afraid of some things going on right now, ugh!

2. I have had an idea about a new series, thinking of running it simultaneously with the excerpts from Alice in Wonderland Unlimited. I thought of it because the AIWU songs of course are leaning towards a best performed by young female singers, which leaves to many other students out. Thus a second project added on will be most beneficial to all students. I may base it on an idea I’ve had in the past but had backburnered.

3.  I still dream of some sort of amazing Chromaticus Epic, but, well, we all have dreams:)

4. Taught voice today to wonderful students, who are… “on their way!”

5. Distributed coupon stickies today as a way of meeting and talking to people closer to home base.

6. Noticed that there are toooooo many drug stores in the world! They are opening up a rite aid and a cvs pharmacy right next to each other, corner to corner at one of the busiest corners in Modesto! I wish we could all see that the real problem is not the people, but how many people are struggling with serious drug dependencies. There must be a higher level solution than “more dope?” I feel so thankful that somehow I’ve never had even the slightest desire to try the stuff and it has been an advantage I must recommend for any young person; “…if you are going to try things in life, be sure that none of those things are drugs!”

7. Made some contributions to the first Major soprano aria for AIWU, “in the box” thinking would say it needs to be alot longer of a tune, but, “what is best” thinking suggests it is a beautiful short interlude. Perhaps its melody could be reprized later in the show with different lyrics, like maybe Alice’s return home? / Also I’ve noticed maybe the arrangement could/should be alot simpler?

8. Wondering which art format I should use for the “Journey” concept? Paper or Digital?

9. Some of the itunes volume of sales and subscribed streams are quite impressive, I wonder if I double work load, will it double sales? Or do the types of works they are simply have a “ceiling.”

10. It was a weird unpleasant type of heat today. Like a wall of something, can’t really explain it, glad the sun has set for tonight.

All the  best,