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Voice Lessons in Modesto, California; Stanislaus County and surrounding areas for nearly 20 years! The shorter true story.

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Multi-Award, Major Scholarship and Lead Role Winning Voice Lessons In Modesto California, Stanislaus County and its Surrounding Areas.

To my Marcus Unlimited Voice Students past and present, I would like to offer my unlimited thanks to you. Through nearly two decades, and counting, of our combined student, student family and teacher endeavors, this vocal team has victoriously acquired an amazing array of notable achievements. An uncommon proliferation of scholarships, regional awards, paid professional engagements as singers, lead roles in modern and classic musical theater, opera and more, have become beautifully common occurrences here. Here is a partial list of team highlights I look forward to adding even more to!

Academic Achievements:

  • Young Arts Foundation Scholarship
  • “Significant Teacher” listing with the Young Arts Foundation
  • California State Summer School for the Arts, CSSSA, admittance
  • Manteca Youth Focus Educational Scholarships
  • Honors and cum laude graduations
  • Official instructional voice training vendor approval by a WASC, Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredited K-12 school system

Professional Achievements:

  • Paid professional employment as singers in a wide variety of officially licensed productions, including works by Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Disney
  • Recording and performance contracts
  • Talent awards in Calaveras and San Joaquin County
  • Critically acclaimed professional performances in top-notch venues including the Gallo Center for the Arts, Sierra Repertory Theater and much, much more

Many of our biggest winners here have begun their voice training before high-school and then graduated their way into a bevy of successes sometimes immediately thereafter! So, if you know of a young person within, or near, the Modesto, California area, who can benefit from the type of voice training that has yielded the aforementioned achievements, contact us, preferably by email, today!

(NOTE: Out of respect for the privacy of my students and their families, all of the aforementioned claims, plus additionally positive references, are verifiable to prospective parents of students by request in a face-to-face, manner only.)

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10 Point Status Update, Marcus Unlimited

Posted in Blogging by marcusunlimited on December 30, 2009

1. Went 2010 Calender hunting today, ended up with 4 nice ones for the office. Landscapes, world sites, Inspirations, and Nature Scenes. All from the larger dollar store, $1.00 each.

2. Haircut. While there I noticed my old school man barber does pretty darn good doing nothing but straight forward business man cuts for guys. I see so many ladies set up the really, really fancy hair shops with the perms colorings etc who go out of business, but my barber has more biz than he needs, lines everyday by doing nothing but A+, old-fashioned biz cuts. Something to think about for those of you headed to Barber school.

3. Writing on the series, book, multimedia event. It is getting more thrilling each entry. Getting closer to the big turning point that really launches the story. Having a darn good time on the way there also. I ask that it stay that way through all the edits etc.

4. Paid some bills, (the ones I could afford too:) These companies need to learn to be more thankful.

5. I am absolutely going to have to look at a tiny price increase for students. I wish I didn’t have too but that is where it is at. I have always undercharged for what I know, and what I can do, and my own education and experience relative to it. I ask that all my students and their families be ok with this.

6. Looking forward to getting the story to the point of the second song so that I can begin notation of it and get it ready for my students in the student artist program at Marcus Unlimited (Introduced in 2009)

7. Making sure to combine all side story ideas that have in the past side tracked me into the big story. I thought originally this would weaken the story but instead, it has enriched it exponentially are really takes it to a new level of pure originality.

8. Tried increasing the format size for the stories art work to 8.5 x 11 on high quality card stock, however that size takes to long because of the allowable detail which is visibly unnecessary anyways. When the books come out they will be standard pocketbook size so I may fold the 8.5 x 11″ ‘s in half and use that as the format. That could work. Other ideas include some sort of big picture map on one page. (Something I’ve done before for other works that had a cool result.

9. Filled up one journal, going to the second tonight! Yes!

10. Happy New Year! 🙂

Monday Night, September 14, 2009…

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a day that will live in infamy? Nah, just kidding. Here’s the latest.

1. Had a mind blowing, A+ idea for AIWU (Alice in Wonderland UNLIMITED) marketing come to me. Well it didn’t actually come to me, I mean I worked for it with pen and paper, over and over again writing the words, AUDIENCE , STUDENTS and MARCUS. These words kept me on focus. I have to think about the audience first, and teach my new students artist to put the audience first. I can’t wait to test this new idea:)

2. A small movement from the first soprano aria from AIWU is mostly done. I want to put the prelim tracks up on youtube for students to practice with. Maybe I can get that in tonight before the eyelids fall.

3. I had a cool idea for the Caterpillar, who won’t actually be a caterpillar but instead will be a… (Shhh!)

4. Bunch of new stuff up at YouTube: Happy Halloween.

5. I’ve been having fun with the Artist’s “Morning Pages” concept by Julia Cameron from her book the artists way:  (I was considering posting an Amazon affiliate link here but, I have to wait on something first.)

6. The original Time Machine by H G Wells is an amazing book. Such vivid Steampunk lore it is.

7. Recently found out that a young voice student won a 1st place, grand champion at a San Jose vocal competition. Nice!:)

8.  I’ve been thinking about letting students take a run at doing their own cut of my Harmonious Haiku albums:

9. I recently asked a question on about which 3 literary classics  pre-1900, would most parents desire for their kids to read prior to college. Some of the responses were obvious and wise, but I was quite surprised how only one book kept ending up in the top 3 must read; “Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice?” Not that its not a great read but I wouldn’t have thought it would have outscored Hamlet or Great Expectations, or…?

10. Newman’s own sesame ginger salad dressing is amazing on confetti coleslaw, wrapped in a heated corn tortilla!