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Posted in Blogging by marcusunlimited on June 20, 2009

Status report:

1. Went deep into the world of Wordsworth today. I am leaning towards using his texts for out next album. This would probably receive kudos from the realm of academia (maybe) but it will make the project very, very unique. Considering that most of today’s lyrics are very shallow by intention as a majority. Not by all, but by many. Lots of love songs with lyrics that suggest the writer has never known the challenges of real relationships:)

2. Got some tennis in this morning before it got to hot. One must complete such things really early in the summertime here.

3. Got the official National Association of Teachers of English list of Authors the other day. Thankfully Wordsworth is on it so that could be another positive for the album if I use dominantly his texts. I think I like his texts for lyrics because there is a strong connection to the miracle of nature and mans presence within it in his works.

4. Still debating the overall music theme for the 2009 album. I’m going back and forth between; Piano and voice, Epic, or Vocal Trance. The Wordworth lyrics may be a bit deep for vocal trance but everyonce in a while that style has some nice lyrical surprises.

5. I also picked up some Longfellow from the Library and was pretty shocked to see he is not on that list of required college reading. He was listed as a great in my old World book collection though. (Man I’m glad I came into that ol’ set of world books. Wikipedia is awesome but there is just so much magic in grabbing an encyclopedia randomly and flipping it open. Very good for solid ideas and inspiration. If you have the space and see someone unloading a set on Ebay for $5.00 or something, heck, get ’em! Especially if you have kids. I am really, really thankful Mom picked these up for us when we were kids. I loved them then and still love them now.

6. Worked on sheet music/lead sheet for the big “SAM” collaboratio album. SAM is my code-acronym for Students, Audience and Marcus. As my next album is poised to be yet another true first in a number of different ways. I am planning, listing, and acting towards the album every day. Its inspiring but tiring at the same time:)

7. My main website was down last night which was strange. I put in a call to tech supp and they got on it, got it all back and good:)

8. I realized today I can’t stand “sound-alike” marketing even if I like the artist. I would like to find a way to just present my true original works and have it find its own audience. This has happened sporadically but not enough so far to have it be my only means.

9. The official rule for Flash Fiction is 1000 words or less.

10. Almost up to 100o followers on Twitter which I just got into for real about a month ago. Nice! Follow?



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