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Voice Lessons in Modesto, Canto I: “After the Trees Have Purified the Air”

Posted in Uncategorized by marcusunlimited on July 11, 2018

After the trees have purified the air,

Which regents will soon utilize to breathe,

Daylight rises, like resonance, upwards,

Into the blue of the sky’s soft palette.

American Goldfinches take to flight,

Seeking a space atop a certain fence,

Just outside a door, graced by Bel Canto,

Well worn books of Italian Arias

Hold together though frayed from frequent use;

Masters of the past look on from heaven,

Nodding in approval of the rewards

Granted to the voice castles built from stone!

©2018 Marcus James Christian, also pseudonymous as marcusunlimited.


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