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Mid December 2009 Voice and Music Status Update for Marcus Unlimited.

Posted in Blogging by marcusunlimited on December 20, 2009

1. Currently drawing art for the forthcoming series (that precedes the book, movie, soundtrack etc.)

2. Completed my take of the first song for it and have sent it towards the iTunes system through my distributor RouteNote in England.

3. Have not been able to shake desire to make and amazing all-ages, youth centered, operetta/musical recently and a theme and idea came to me. I was afraid to look into the idea because I didn’t want it to throw off the upcoming series/book/movie thing. Then I had this wild idea on how to integrate the two! Neat! May even be a concept I could use to incorporate all kinds of short story ideas that come up along the way while still being at work on the series.

4. It has been surprisingly cold in Modesto. Wow, I heard it even snowed here recently. I was busy composing, or writing, or illustrating. Which frankly is a rather wonderful world because you can add snow, sun, or beaches anytime you want. Or anything else for that matter.

5. Looking back, realizing all of my best music stories have come from first writing them into one of those very fancy ‘esque journal books. The kind that cost just enough money for you to take what goes into it very seriously. So that’s what I’m sticking to.

6. Semi-new to Facebook but having fun with it.

7. There was talk about a new full size, wood and steel piano showing up at the second location where I teach voice, NICE!

8. I have been rereading many “Young Reader” classics and noticing how much of that artwork is done in simple pen and ink. I’ve been realizing how much better my art looks before I color it. Hmm…

9. I have begun piano / vocal notation of song 2 for the web series, book thing, but am considering a slight story tangent before arriving on “the five.” Shh, its a secret.

10. Heard a beautiful Samuel Barber song today regarding “Winter” sung by a mezzo. Samuel was also a singing composer and I’m surprised he didn’t write more for the voice. Needless to say if Adagio for Strings was the only thing he had ever composed, that would have cemented his place in music immortality anyways:)

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays,
Marcus Unlimited 🙂

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