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Monday July 27, 2009 Thoughts and Feelings:

Posted in 1 by marcusunlimited on July 21, 2009

1. Okay so a few students have signed up for the Student Artist program and we are already working on their/my next album. It is quite challenging but fun to write songs that must work from every age and gender. (Try it you’ll be surprised how challenging that is.)

2. I’m testing, planning, sketching etc’ing, different ideas on how to present the multi-launch albums through youtube. Of course my new best friend Twitter will be involved (please follow if friendly: )

3.  This past week was the big Modesto heat surge that magically drops during our famous street concert X-Fest. I didn’t go this year, to hot and so close to the studio anyways.  So loud, so many people, more trendy artists than serious musicians most of the time, that’s ok just not my scene.

4.  All of my new followers on Twitter seem really cool but some of them are very very extra cool. Saying positive’s about our music, and the Marcus Unlimited YouTube channel ( ) I think I like twitter over other social networking tools because it doesn’t interfere with my work as a Neo-Operattist.  Twitter is more about announcing, and presenting, and even sharing than tweeking the profile. Twitter is more like: do something great, then tweet it!:) Simple, smart, cool!

5.  I’ve thought about how fun it would be to get a sizable advance to compose, arrange and produce my ultimate singing composer album of pop, classical crossover tunes.  Many of the great works in history have had some sort of commision or advance behind them. I mean come on, think about it, imagine George Lucas trying to pull of Star Wars with no budget, piecing together ideas and throwing out scene after scene to deal with “what’s on hand.” One must be able to make use of what one has, but,  we must also be realistic about what will result out of something carved from mud, and something carved from the finest polished marble.

6.  I think the heat has been having a tiring effect on me.  I must have napped 2 or 3 times on Saturday. I did notation for a while which is normally mentally tiring but afterwords I sat in a chair and woke up like an hour later going… “Duuuuuuuuuhhhhh.” Then I thought; “Hey, why not go for a brisk walk to wake myself up?”  …so I opened the door and took one step outside into the 105 degree heat and had another thought: “Hey, why don’t I NOT go for a walk, instead I’ll drink a gallon of ice water and sit back down in the chair.  I woke up an hour later…again???

7. I’ve had visions of starting an academy. Something about Applied Vocal Arts, relative to Modern or new use of the classic Italian operatic method I’ve been taught. Where the students also learn how to make money as artists, similar to the Marcus Unlimited Student Artist program I just launched but on a bigger level. I’ll keep letting it swirl around in my mind.

8. Recently fallen in love with Philip Glass’s music of Koyannisqatsi. I didn’t get his must when I was a kid, but now I not only get it I am amazed by it.

9. Also, John Adams “Nixon in China” neo-opera is amazing. Love the minimalist driving progressions and funny text placement such as; “so smo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oth!” only those who have heard or seen that scene from it will get that last line. They have parts of it on YouTube and it is absolutely amazing. { }

10.  Enjoying the artwork in Spectrum 15 collection as well.

Did I mention us on Twitter?

See you there:)

Hope you have a great week, try to stay cool. I wonder what its like in the Arctic this time of year?



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