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Kyrie Eleison ~ Alpha Beta Gamma Pen & Ink

Posted in 1 by marcusunlimited on July 5, 2009

Kyrie Eleison ~ Alpha Beta Gamma Pen & Ink

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Kyrie Eleison ~ Alpha Beta Gamma Pen & Ink

Here is a recent sketch / pen and ink for a set of teacher student collaborations. I’m not sure if I will use this and color it on the computer or if I will use this for reference and completely rebuild it on computer.

The title “Kyrie Eleison” is used in many churches and mass settings including the Latin mass, however it is interesting that even though all the other text in a Latin mass is Latin, the phrase Kyrie Eleison is of ancient, pre-religious greek descent. Thus the numbering in Greek.

The number code is simply the first three notes of the main melody of the song. The first, second and third aka: Alpha Beta Gamma.

It is also interesting that the word Chromaticus I had believed I had conceived and created based on combining my own first name and the word “Chromatic” as in Chromatic scale of music.

Then come to find out the word Chromaticus is a very ancient word that means sound and light, NEAT!:)

You may also be wondering why in the world there is a sideways door on the right and the little house seems like its own drawing. That is because the two images on the right hand side are for two different side scenes and because of how many parts alot of the projects I create end up being, I like to have as much as possible all on one page for reference. Kind of like a master blueprint.

Thanks for viewing.

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